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General Girls Rules and Information

The Draw HERE (5min) (USL 2015 Rule book pgs 29-30)

How to do a legal stick check HERE (2min)

Checking fouls HERE (2min)

Boundaries HERE (5min) (USL Rulebook pgs 30-33)

Restraining Line HERE (5min)

3 Second Rule HERE (2min)

Shooting Safely HERE (5 min)

Stick work with Cathy Reese - Head Girls Coach Maryland - HERE (50 min)

Effective Crease Defense with Sloane Serpe (Team USA) - HERE (1.59 min)

Shooting Space (1min 30sec) HERE

Shooting Space (6min) - start at 3min mark HERE

Shooting Space (8min) HERE


U13/U15 Rules and Information

Intro to the U13/U15 field click HERE (5 min)

Intro to U13/U15 girls equipment HERE (5min)

Into to U13/U15 scoring and timing HERE (5min)

Goal Circle Area and Goal Circle Fouls HERE (5 min)


U9/U11 Rules and Information

Intro to U9/U11 field click HERE (5 min)

Intro to U9/U11 girls equipment HERE (5min)

Age Specific rules for U9/U11 HERE (5min)