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As with the updated blackout rules, we need to recall the nature of the rule. As a league, we are trying to distance ourselves from the days of loading JV to win the title or anything that one's conscience might deem as an unfair strategy.


Terms Used Herein: 

- Gameday: Tues/Wed games being considered a single gameday and Friday/Saturday being a single gameday.

Quarters Played/Quarters of Play: any single instance where a player steps on the field during a quarter of play.


GENERAL: JV Players are allowed to swing up to Varsity a total of two quarters per gameday (as defined above) from the start of the season up to the cutoff date. Unless otherwise appealed through the league, Varsity players are not allowed to swing down for Junior Varsity games.


CUTOFF DATE: After April 1, programs with over 42 players will not be allowed to swing JV players up to Varsity unless falling under one of the following points. Programs with under 42 players will follow the 'UNDER 42' clause leading up to playoffs. As the rules currently state, rosters will be locked throughout the IHSLL playoffs, unless otherwise appealed. 


UNDER 42: For programs with a roster under 42 players, players shall be limited to five quarters of play per gameday, regardless of how it is split between Varsity and JV.


INJURIES: After the cut-off date, if a program loses a player on the Varsity roster to injury, they will be able to replace that player on a 1:1 ratio for each game that player misses. If the player is able to return to the Varsity roster, the JV player will be required to return the the Junior Varsity roster.


PENALTIES: As is stated by league rule, teams must accurately track 'Quarters Played' by all players. Any teams in suspicion of violating or abusing the swinging rules will be subject to a league investigation. If accused teams are found to be in violation of the Swing Rules, they will become subject to game forfeiture, player/coach suspension, and potential exclusion from the post-season depending on severity of violation.

APPEALS: As with all things, there is the option to appeal this rule on a team by team basis. The IHSLL isn't developed enough or experienced enough for any canned policy to work for everyone, so this is a necessary option to include. Appeals must be brought to the IHSLL Board for discussion and voting.