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IHSLL 2018 Communication



The Goal of this document is to direct the communication flow of the Idaho High School Lacrosse League (IHSLL) with Member Teams, Parents and Players, Officials, Idaho Lacrosse Association, and the Media, in an Efficient and Respectable manner.


1.      Communication between IHSLL and Member Team/Player/Parent

a.       ILA website (idaholacrosse.org) communication to Member Teams/Players/Parents

                                                   i.      See “Communication between IHSLL and ILA Website”

b.      Team representatives on the IHSLL board are responsible for communication between IHSLL and the Member Team, including the Member Team School officials and Athletic Director.

                                                   i.      Representation includes Team Parent Representative, Head Coach, Alternate listed with IHSLL, or proxy holder.

                                                 ii.      Regular Team representation at all IHSLL board meetings is expected to aid in sharing information and ideas, engage in discussion for the promotion of Lacrosse in the State of Idaho , and to cast votes as necessary. If individual meetings are missed it is the responsibility of the Team Representatives missing the meeting to seek inform of the meeting content and discussion.

                                                iii.      E-Mail communication is regularly used among IHSLL Board members. E-Mail discussions should include all appropriate Board members. When decisions affecting IHSLL are made, those decisions should be shared with all Board members in a timely manner.

                                               iv.      Relationships and communication with School Athletic Directors are crucial and must be maintained by Member Teams.  IHSLL Representatives wishing to contact the Member Team School or the Athletic Director will first contact the Member Team Representative. The Representative will then work to set up contact if necessary.

c.       Parents/Players wishing to file a formal complaint concerning coaches or players will contact their Coach or Team Representative. Those wishing to bypass their Teams Representative and contact the IHSLL directly should do so by contacting the Infractions Committee. If the issue is not resolved by the Infractions Committee they may contact the Commissioner.

                                                   i.      Contact information posted on the ILA website.

                                                 ii.      In no instance should a Parent or Player personally contact a Player or Coach from another team regarding a complaint. This must be done through the proper channels.



2.      Communication between Officials and Member Team/Player/Parent

a.       Communication between Member Team and Referees

                                                   i.      E-mail or phone communication when game date/venue changes are necessary

b.      Communication between Player/Parent and Referees

                                                   i.      No Player or Parent should contact the referees. If contact with a referee is desired or necessary the Player or Parent must contact their Coach, who will take the request to the League.


3.      Communication between IHSLL and ILA Website –

a.       The ILA website, idaholacrosse.org, is the public face of IHSLL

b.      Members of the ISHLL Communications Committee are responsible for organizing and maintaining the IHSLL portion of the website, including but  not limited to the following:

                                                   i.      Clone Team registrations each Winter in anticipation for the Spring Season and enable the registration box in January on the main page

                                                 ii.      Upload the IHSLL Teams schedules for JV and Varsity to the system, once complete

1.      Include games with non IHSLL Teams

                                                iii.      Create and upload JV and Varsity playoff brackets for public view, including bracket updates as teams progress through playoffs

                                               iv.      Verify that all rosters are loaded and visible to the public online

                                                 v.      Regulate stats being added after games

                                               vi.      Upload any changed IHSLL policies or Bylaws

                                              vii.      Update contact information for the IHSLL board

c.       Each Member Team is responsible for loading their player stats on the ILA website.


4.      Media

a.       It is the Home team’s responsibility to report the scores to the newspaper. 

                                                   i.      The deadline is by 9:00 PM each night. 

                                                 ii.      Reporting Instructions on idaholacrosse.org