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Idaho High School Lacrosse League Board Committees


Formation of the IHSLL Disciplinary Committee

1. Statement of Purpose. In order to foster an environment for greater sportsmanship and push our league to become a model league for others to follow, we have found it necessary to implement a committee to handle all disciplinary issues as they arise in the IHSLL. The primary goal of this committee is to be a vehicle for greater transparency and consistency when handling disciplinary issues. It is also to oversee matters which require the swift, yet thorough vetting of issues regarding conduct by members of the IHSLL.

It is the duty of all members of the Idaho High School Lacrosse League (“IHSLL”) to honor the game of Lacrosse. Head Coaches and Program Board Members in particular must understand this and reinforce this in their respective programs. The need for this committee is greatly diminished by proper play and sportsmanship of all those members of the IHSLL - spectators included. When presented with a situation which may lead to the scrutiny of this committee, all members of the IHSLL must strive to make decisions that honor the game of lacrosse and all of its participants.

2. Definitions. Certain terms used herein are defined as follows:

2.1. “Term.” Description.

2.2. “IHSLL Board.” The duly-elected executive board members of the Idaho High School Lacrosse League.

2.3. “Coach or plural Coaches.” Any coach (paid or non-paid), assistant coach, trainer, or volunteer (including parents), collectively “Coaching Staff,” who, within the last twelve (12) months has been associated with a given lacrosse Program’s Coaching Staff. This also includes any person who has been hired or is expected to be hired or otherwise join the staff within the next twelve (12) months.

2.4. The “Committee.” The IHSLL Disciplinary Committee with the power and responsibility to enforce any rulings as deemed necessary by (see Section 3 herein).

2.5. “Player.” High school students who are participants of a given Program.

2.6. “Program.” An IHSLL high school member team.

2.7. “Appeals Board” or “Board.” The Board of Appeals made up of five current Parent Representatives from teams actively participating in the IHSLL and representing a wide-range of IHSLL demographics.

3. Disciplinary Committee. The IHSLL Disciplinary Committee will be folded into the roles and responsibilities of five (5) of the acting board members. The committee shall consist of no less than five (5) persons who shall have the sole responsibility and authority to enforce this Policy (i.e., the “Committee” defined hereinabove). The Committee’s members shall be subject to reconfirmation or replacement no less than annually as per the election cycle of the IHSLL Board.

3.1 Acting Members of the Committee. The committee will be made up of five members of the IHSLL board, which include: head commissioner, three (3) vice commissioners (D1/JV, D2, & ILOA Liaison), and the secretary.

4. Discipline Issues. Discipline issues will be classified as anything related to the conduct of players, coaches, parents, and any members acting and/or affiliated with a given program.

5. Acknowledgment of Policy. As representation of their respective program, the designated Head Coach and Parent Representative, as defined in the IHSLL policy, of each Program are required to disseminate and thereby acknowledge that each is aware of and will abide by this document. The head coach and parent rep are responsible for educating every member of their Program (Players, Coaches, staff, and parents) of this document and for enforcing it within their Program.

6. Consequences for Rule Violations. The Committee has the absolute authority to enforce consequences as deemed necessary through their Evidentiary Process (6.3.4). The Committee may consider mitigating factors and, at its sole discretion may elect to impose the consequences as deemed appropriate for the violations in question.

6.1 Cumulative. Offenses occurring in a short period of time or a repetitive manner may receive more severe penalties due to the recidivist-like behavior of the member(s) in question.

6.2 Exception to Committee Punishment. If a member of the IHSLL has come under the scrutiny of the board but receives prior penalization for their actions from their respective program’s board, the committee may deem that punishment as sufficient and not pass any further penalty on the infringing member.

6.2.1. Example: Player A is ejected from two games for conduct fouls. Player A is subsequently suspended from all team activities for two weeks by their program. The committee may deem this as sufficient penalty and not enforce any further punishment on the player.

6.3. Due Process.

6.3.1. Reporting Incidents for Committee Hearing. Any lacrosse-related incident occurring during months of official league events - whether league play or otherwise will be subject to the investigation and ruling by this Committee. All incidents must be reported through the official IHSLL Incident Report (found at this link) and sent directly to the IHSLL Board for review. Only Head Coaches and acting Team Representatives are eligible to submit an Incident Report. Timeliness. Incidents and any subsequent evidence related to an incident must be reported within 48 hours its initial occurrence. Any incident being reported past this timeframe will be subject to immediate dismissal by the Committee. The Committee will then have 48 hours to review the incident and pass down their decision.

6.3.2. Conflicts of Interest. For any incidents in which a voting member of either the Committee or the Appeals Board has a relationship (familial, working, or otherwise as deemed by the other members of the Committee & Board) with a program involved, the voting member shall be required to recuse themselves from contributing to and voting on the matter as to avoid preferential treatment of any kind. Other members of the Committee and/or Appeals Board may ask a member to recuse themselves if no initial action is taken by the voting member in question.

6.3.3. Majority Vote. All enforcement decisions made under this Policy by the Committee or the Appeals board shall be by a simple majority.

6.3.4. Evidentiary Process. Program members, Coaches, and officials who are associated with any incident, shall be asked to supply the committee with any evidence needed in order to make an educated decision on the incident in question. The Committee shall consider all evidence presented with regard to the alleged misconduct before rendering an enforcement decision. Record. The committee shall be required to record all items presented as evidence for each respective incident. This evidence shall be subsequently provided to each affected party and the appeals board.

6.3.5. Right to Appeal. A Program member or Coach subject to punishment of this Committee shall have the right to appeal the decision of the Committee. Appeals will be handled by the Appeals Board, as defined in section 2 above. Appeals Process. Parties wishing to appeal the Committee’s decision shall notify the Committee of their decision within five business days of the consequences being decided. The Committee will subsequently notify the Appeals Board of the decision and the Board will be given 48 hours to review the claim and included evidence from the Committee.

The Appeals Board will decide whether the punishment handed down was justified or not based on the evidence admitted in the initial hearing by the Committee. Any new evidence must be submitted to both the committee and the appeals board. Conclusion. If the Board feels the Committee was justified in their decision, the appeal will be denied and no further recourse may be taken by the affected parties. However, if the Board feels something was overlooked or an unfair punishment was handed down, they will notify the Committee, who will then have an additional 48 hours to revisit the case, look over any new evidence provided, and agree upon a new decision. There will be no further appeals after this decision. Formation of Appeals Board. The formation of the Appeals Board, as defined in 2.7, will be formed to represent a wide representation of the varying demographics present in the IHSLL and deliver a fair/unbiased review of the Disciplinary Committee’s decisions throughout the course of a season. These demographics include, but are not limited to: D1, D2, JV, as well as additional sub-divisions included in their respective divisions (e.g. D2 North, South, East).

In addition to this, the five members of the Appeals Board should place the interests of their respective programs behind those of the league when vetting a decision. Members of the board shall be appointed by the IHSLL Board, in order to best represent the needs of the league. Eligible appointees will be limited to active program directors, presidents, and leaders who show consistent attendance to league matters and have a track record of fair and pragmatic behavior as it pertains to lacrosse.

Appointments will be made at the beginning of each school year after the new board has been voted in and shall last no longer than the course of a single season.


IHSLL Adoption:

The Policies must be amended by simple majority:

Approved by the IHSLL on (date): 10/13/2016

Total members: 27

Current members of the IHSLL: Ambrose School, Bishop Kelly HS, Boise HS, Bonner’s Ferry HS, Borah HS, Capital HS, Centennial HS, Coeur d’Alene HS, Eagle HS, Emmett HS, Idaho Falls HS, Jackson Hole HS, Lake City HS, Logos School, Meridian HS, Middleton HS, Moscow HS, Mtn. View HS, Payette County, Pocatello HS, Preston HS, Rocky Mtn. HS, Sandpoint HS, Skyview HS, Timberline HS, Vallivue HS, Wood River HS

Members of the 2016-2017 Disciplinary Committee:

  • Britt Cornaby
  • Tom Blanchard
  • Anthony Bryant
  • Karen Moss
  • Krieg Shaw

​Members of the 2016-2017 Appeals Board:

  • R. Toronto
  • D. Carson
  • J. Carnahan
  • G. Trauner
  • K. Ward