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Idaho High School Lacrosse League



SECTION I – General Policies

These policy elements are expected to be consistent across multiple seasons.  All policy elements deemed to be reviewed annually are contained in the Annual Rules Section.  If there is no policy in this document pertaining to said issue the IHSLL shall refer to the IHSAA guidelines.


  1. Player Eligibility
    1. All players must meet Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) eligibility requirements and play in the league appropriate for the player’s age and gender in a league that is designated under the Idaho Lacrosse Association (ILA).  It is the policy of the IHSLL that due to the difference in rules governing physical contact in boys and girls play that players at the high school level play on an all-boys or all-girls team, respectively.  Players have a maximum or 4 years of playing eligibility.
    2. All players must be current members of US Lacrosse before participating with any IHSLL member organization.
    3. All players and coaches must be registered on the Idaho Lacrosse Association website (www.idaholacrosse.org) for the current season before participating in any practices, scrimmages and or games against another IHSLL member.
  2. Player Assignment
    1. All players must associate with a high school lacrosse club that is a member of IHSLL.
    2. A player must play for the team affiliated with the school that he attends.  If a player attends a school that does not have a lacrosse program, he shall play for the program closest to his residence and within the same school district as his residence if applicable.  If not applicable it will be the closest school to his residence.  Approval of such by the IHSLL membership
    3. Schools or programs that do not have sufficient players for any of the high school level teams may combine their players into a team at the appropriate level, and play as a combined team on a season by season basis approved by the IHSLL membership.
    4. IHSLL allows teams to participate in two divisions and two seasons a Spring and Fall season with Varsity and Junior Varsity.  Participation in the fall is on a volunteer basis.  All participation is under the following rules
      1. A member fielding one team for the IHSLL season will be expected to field a Varsity division team.  However, special allowances may be made to allow a single-team program to participate in the Junior Varsity division.  Members must petition the IHSLL Board to allow play in JV on a season by season basis.
      2. A member fielding two teams will be expected to field Varsity and Junior Varsity division teams.  However, special allowances may be made to allow a new program to participate in the Junior Varsity division only.  Members must petition the IHSLL Board to allow this exception on a season by season basis.
      3. A member fielding three teams will be expected to field Varsity and two (2) Junior Varsity division teams, unless otherwise petitioned.
      4. New members see the next section, and Appendix A, Section F for further guidelines.
  3. New Team Requirements
    1. New Team
      1. Must have a Head coach and a parent/team representative
      2. Must have available and safe field to practices and host home games
      3. Must have matching uniforms with numbers on the front and back
      4. Must have two NFHS lacrosse goals
      5. Must be able to demonstrate financial security
      6. May petition IHSLL to field a Junior Varsity team only
      7. See Appendix A, Part E for further requirements.


SECTION II – Conduct of Players

  1. Dress Code
    1. See NFHS regulations which consist of rules governing boys’ and girls’ teams respectively.
  2. Player’s Code of Conduct
    1. See NFHS Rules Book Section 5.9 - Unsportsmanlike Behavior and Section 5.11 - Ejection, and US Lacrosse’s Positive Coaching Alliance recommendations for appropriate conduct for players.
    2. Players violating the Code of Conduct can be sanctioned by the IHSLL.
    3. Sanctions may include suspension from the IHSLL.  The IHSLL Disciplinary Committee will respond to parties involved within 48 hours.
    4. A player who is suspended from his school is not able to participate in any IHSLL event during his school suspension. 


  1. NFHS Rules
    1. Unless specifically modified elsewhere in this document, the conduct of players shall be governed by the NFHS Regulations which consist of rules governing boys' and girls' teams respectively.
    2. Any player involved in fighting or for any ejection foul for flagrant misconduct in an IHSLL game will be assessed a 3-minute non-releasable penalty and will be ejected from the game and venue.  The ejected player is also ejected from his team’s next IHSLL regular season or playoff game.
      1. An ejected player must leave the venue for the remainder of the game.  In the case of a minor, an authorized adult team representative must accompany the player out of the venue and release the player to either a parent or another authorized adult.
      2. If an authorized adult team representative is not available to escort the player from the venue, the player must remain on the bench.  The player is confined to the bench area, and is not permitted to communicate with any coaches, teammates, opposing players or officials.
      3. The team with the player in question must submit a written report of the incident to the IHSLL with in 24 hours of occurrence
      4. A second ejection for fighting or for any ejection foul for flagrant misconduct within a season shall result a suspension for the next two (2) IHSLL regular season or play-off games.
      5. A third ejection shall result in his dismissal from the IHSLL.
    3. If a player is suspended for the remainder of the season, an appeal for reinstatement to playing status can only be made in writing to the IHSLL by the ejected player.
    4. Game day ejections cannot be appealed.
    5. Any ejection that is the result of physical contact or verbal abuse by a player or coach on a game official or opposing team’s sideline personnel will be referred to the IHSLL for review and disciplinary action.


SECTION III – Conduct of Coaches

  1. Coaches’ Code of Conduct
    1. See NFHS Rules Book Section 5.9 - Unsportsmanlike Behavior, Section 5.11 - Ejection, and US Lacrosse’s Positive Coaching Alliance recommendations for appropriate conduct for coaches.
    2. Coaches violating the above can be sanctioned by the IHSLL.
    3. Sanctions may include suspension from the IHSLL.


  1. Background Checks
    1. New coaches for each member team of the IHSLL must submit a US Lacrosse / NCSISAFE background check and payment to the IHSLL Treasurer prior to the 1st Monday of February.
      1. A coach is considered anyone who may have contact with a player(s) during practice or games and supply instruction and/or training, or observation of such instruction and/or training that is intended to improve the lacrosse related skill set of a player(s) within specific to the Program to which they are a member.
    2. Returning coaches must submit to a US Lacrosse /NCSISAFE background check and payment to the IHSLL Treasurer prior to the 1st Monday of February every second year.
    3. Coaches appointed after February 1st cannot start coaching until approved.
    4. The IHSLL member will be notified only if a coach is truly disqualified from coaching.  We receive a “green light” or a “red light” from each background check.  All queries about a disqualification are handled thru NCSISAFE and not the IHSLL board.


  1. CPR/AED and First Aid
    1. At least one (1) member of the coaching staff for each team is encouraged to be CPR/AED and First Aid certified.
    2. All teams are encouraged to have on site for all home game a AED devise


SECTION IV – Conduct of Parents

  1. Parent Code of Conduct
    1. Parents and Guardians will be required to read and sign a IHSLL Parent Contract containing minimum standard IHSLL Code of Conduct language.  These documents are to be kept with the team representative and shall be provided to IHSLL officials only if requested.
    2. Failure of Parent or Guardian to sign Parent Contract will disqualify Player from play until signed.
    3. Spectators and Players are expected to abide by posted rules for the game venue or host team.  The host members are responsible for enforcing their own rules.  Any spectator violating these rules during or between games at venue of play may be requested to immediately exit from the venue for the remainder of the game by the official representative of the member team in violation.  Failure to do so may result in further sanctions as determined by the IHSLL Infractions Committee.
    4. The Disciplinary committee will review any repeat violations by an individual of any portion of the Parent Code of Conduct.  This review may result in additional sanctions against the Parent or Guardian, or Member program.
    5. Sanctions may include suspension of the Parent, Guardian, or Spectator from any or all IHSLL activities as determined by the Disciplinary Committee.
    6. The IHSLL will provide an online repository for the public to view the rules for each member’s game venue.  Members will be responsible for posting these rules online, or at the venue on game-day.


SECTION V – Rule Violations and Penalties

  1. Infractions of IHSLL Policies may result in the levying of sanctions upon individual players, coaches and/or program.  Sanctions can include but are not limited to game suspension, season suspension, forfeiture of games, forfeiture of post-season play (playoffs) and/or probation.  Each situation is unique and will be handled at the discretion of the IHSLL Commissioner and Disciplinary Committee.
  2. The use of an ineligible player may result in forfeiture of IHSLL games in which that player played.  An ineligible player “plays” in a game when he steps onto the playing field during competition of a game in which he is ineligible.  Use of an ineligible player may also result in suspension of the head coach for one game.
  3. The IHSLL may determine that the ineligible player’s participation did not affect the result of the game in question.  In such a case, the IHSLL may rule to let the result of the game stand and impose sanctions on the coach and ineligible player.
  4. Any forfeited league game is considered a played game.  It counts towards both teams’ league record and can/will affect play-offs standing.
  5. All members must provide an accurate Varsity, Junior Varsity roster consisting of player name, year in school and jersey number by the appropriate date specified in the Annual Rules Section.  Failure to do so will result forfeiture of all IHSLL games played prior to roster submission.  Any changes to rosters must be approved by the IHSLL members 24 hours prior to next game. 
  6. Failure to post current and accurate stats will be enforced.  Violations of said rule can result in suspensions to head coach or forfeitures of games that stats are not completed or falsified.


SECTION VI – Game-day Requirements

  1. Game Day Preparations for Both Teams
    1. First aid kit
    2. Player emergency cards
    3. Two (2) scorekeeper/timekeeper
    4. Water
    5. Roster with name and Jersey number
  2. Game Day Preparations for Home Team
    1. A field marked according to NFHS regulations which consist of rules governing boys and girls teams respectively.
    2. Seven (7) cones marking the four (4) corners, the midline opposite the substitution box and the two (2) corners of the substitution box.
    3. Two (2) NFHS regulation goals, orange in color.
    4. We will enforce NFHS regulations in regards the number of balls on each side and one to start each half.  All balls must be NOCSAE approved for game play.
    5. Field caller or spotter
    6. Scorer’s table. 
    7. A minimum of two (2) chairs, one is for the visiting team. 
    8. A game clock, and two (2) stop watches, a horn and a cell phone for emergency use.
    9. Accessible restroom in the vicinity. 
    10. Ice packs in case of injuries.
  3. Uniforms
    1. Home team is to wear light-colored jerseys.  Away team shall wear dark colored jerseys.  If team only has one jersey, the team must notify each opponent of their jersey color 48 hours before each game.  If a team wishes to wear dark-colored uniforms at home, they must notify the visiting team to receive permission at least one week prior to the event.
    2. A team has three (3) years from start of program to acquire both home and away uniforms for all levels of play. 
  4. Officials
    1. Two (2) referees will be utilized for all IHSLL regular season games.  Unless requested by both programs then three (3) may be used.
    2. If a game is missing an official ten (10) minutes before scheduled game, please see IHSLL and ILOA agreement form for your options.
    3. In the event of a forfeit, the team that forfeits is responsible for paying referee’s fees.
    4. A team requesting a change in game date/time once the season has started, is subject to fees to change, and or a forfeiture of that game if the opposing team or the officials are not able to accommodate the requested change.
  5. Championship Game site selection and requirements
    1. The championship game site will be hosted by member teams.  Each year the site will be selected from an alphabetical list of members.  The 2010 process will start at the top of the alphabetical list.  The first member to be selected can choose to host or can pass.  This will proceed until one team accepts.  The next year selection will begin with the team next on the alphabetical list following the host team the prior year.
      1. New teams/members will be put on bottom of list as per their acceptance into the IHSLL in an alphabetical order
    2. The member holding the game must provide a scoreboard, sufficient bleachers, and a loudspeaker system.  (A football stadium is recommended.)
    3. The host member will be responsible for field costs associated with the event and may keep any proceeds above and beyond the costs of the event.
    4. The host member may have concession facilities and keep all funds generated from that activity.
    5. If no member chooses to hold the game, it will be held at the home field of the varsity that is the higher seed for the playoffs.
  6. Game and Individual Statistics Reporting and Requirements
    1. For all IHSLL regular season, preseason and non-conference, playoff and Championship games.  The home team or IHSLL team in non-conference games is responsible for posting the outcome of their games.
    2. For IHSLL regular season games, each team is responsible for posting individual statistics within 24 hours of completion of any league game.  The IHSLL uses the website www.idaholacrosse.org for all posting.
    3. If an Annual All Star Game is to be held, there will be no stats posted.


SECTION VII – Rules of Play

The NFHS regulations which consists of rules governing boys’ and girls’ teams respectively, shall be the basis for play in the IHSLL, except as otherwise provided.  The following are exceptions and additions adopted by the IHSLL:

  1. The game field may vary in dimensions by no more than ten (10) percent but cannot contain any hazardous obstacles within six (6) yards of sideline or end-line.  If an unsafe condition is present, the game cannot proceed until the condition is corrected and both head coaches agree upon field conditions and its surroundings.
    1. If there is any difference in the field size as per NFHS regulations for boys’ size field, the Home Team must report that to the IHSLL prior any games being played on the field         
    2. This info will be online for all members to observe
  2. The IHSLL does not enforce any of the NFHS uniform regulations to any non-Varsity programs.
  3. Spectators are not allowed on the bench side of the field or behind the end-lines.  Spectators must stay six (6) yards away from the sideline
  4. No more than four (4) team representatives from the home program and two (2) from the visitor’s program are allowed at the scorer’s table during game play.
  5. Pre-season practice and game-play rules are defined by ISHAA Rule 17-2, with the exception of stipulations laid out in the current year’s Black-out policy


SECTION VIII – Appeals Process

  1. Sanctions and rulings issued by the IHSLL are subject to an appeal.  All appeals must be made in writing within five (5) business days of issued sanction or ruling.  A written, signed, and dated appeal must be submitted to the commissioner and secretary.  The appeals will be handled by the Appeals Board, as laid out in the IHSLL Disciplinary Committee formation.  The Appeals Board has 48 hours from the date of notification to issue a final ruling to the Disciplinary Board and IHSLL.  All committee members must be member of the IHSLL.
  2. If the commissioner, Disciplinary Committee, and/or Appeals board fail to address the matter in the specified timelines, the sanction or ruling will automatically be suspended and must be reconsidered by the IHSLL.
  3. Any action associated with a policy or sanction that adversely affects a player or family is subject to an appeal.  The process is identical to that listed above.  The appeal must be sponsored by a IHSLL member. 


IHSLL Adoption:

The Policies must be amended by simple majority:

Approved by the IHSLL on (date): 12/15/2016

Total members: 27

Current members of the IHSLL: Ambrose School, Bishop Kelly HS, Boise HS, Bonner’s Ferry HS, Borah HS, Capital HS, Centennial HS, Coeur d’Alene HS, Eagle HS, Emmett HS, Hillcrest, Idaho Falls HS, Jackson Hole HS, Kimberly, Lake City HS, Logos School, Meridian HS, Middleton HS, Moscow HS, Mtn. View HS, Payette County, Pocatello HS, Preston HS, Rocky Mtn. HS, Sandpoint HS, Skyview HS, Timberline HS, Vallivue HS, Wood River HS