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Idaho Lacrosse Association Hall of Fame was founded to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of lacrosse in the State of Idaho. Its purpose is to perpetuate the memory of the people who have brought distinction, honor and excellence to the sport.

2019 Inductees

Stan Latimer: Stan was the main force in developing and growing lacrosse in the Pocatello area. he Coached, learned how to Officiate, and was the President - he did everything he could to help the growth of lacrosse in his area. He also helped out those communities around him, and was never abe to say no.


Saundra McDavid: Saundra stepped in as President of TVWLL and was instrumental in improving the structure and operation of TVWLL by helping to update its rules and Bylaws. She worked with IWLUA to improve the contract process. She also spent time meeting with USL representatives to address and resolve league issues. She volunteered as the Eagle Club President also helping to establish club rules She also started to Eagle lax Boosters to provide a means to fund raise for the local clubs


Murray Owen: Murray has been involved moving Girls lacrosse forward in Idaho for over 10 years. He was an assistant and head coach in TVWLL for several years (multiple Championships). He also helped create an all valley HS team, and took them to amy out of area tournaments. After Coaching, he ran TVWLL Fall Ball, was the TVWLL Vice President and headed the All-American nominations for several years, along with overseeing the National Tournament team tryouts. Murray has been the BSU Girls Lacrosse Coach in the past. If a field needed painted, girls needed coached, or someone needed to do something for the league, Murray did it.


Brandon Payne: Brandon was involved (literally) in helping every team, league, and organization in the area both on and off the field for the last several years, He was one of the invisible but always seen forces moving lacrosse forward in Idaho. He was always ready to help with growing the sport by doing goalie clinics, intro clinics, introduction lacrosse at community events, PE classes and community centers.

Beyond supporting the teams with equipment and uniforms he was a part of the growth and increase of quality of play in all of the leagues. Additionally he was one driving forces (and recruiting of parents) of the Men's Adult league.


2015 Inductees

Dave McIntyre - has been the driving force of the Idaho Lacrosse Officials Association and has donated many hours to help grow the men's officiating here in Idaho.  His dedication to the game and to growing the sport is incredible and Idaho Lacrosse would not be where it is today without the volunteerism of this man.


Jennifer (Schmutzler) Traylor - helped start women's lacrosse in Idaho.  She was the founding president of the Treasure Valley Women's Lacrosse League, and brought USL out to begin women's officials training in Boise.  She helped with the first travel teams in Boise, and was the cornerstone of anything we do in women's lacrosse today.  She was coaching Boise State and Bishop Kelly at the same time due to lack of women's coaches.  


2014 Inductees


In 2014 we honored Tad Arnt, JoJo Brunelle, Bob Durland and Kristy Sligar

Tad Arnt: Tad is probably responsible for getting lacrosse off the ground in Idaho. Stayed involved in lacrosse even though had no children involved. Coached refereed organized, did it all.  Did lacrosse for the sake of the participants, many of whom had no idea what this game was. He has served as ILA Commissioner, TVLL Commissioner, Has coached at the High School and Youth Level and Officiated at at the HS & Youth levels. He brings a great perspective and skill level based on his lacrosse experience. Still fun to watch him dish it out with the 20 something hotshots at Men's club level. He, among others started the first lacrosse store in Boise. He also was one of the founding members of the Boise State lacrosse club. He started the Brawl in McCall lax tournament

JoJo Brunelle: JoJo was president of the HS women's league, help BK women's team grow, and helped many other teams in the valley grow. Amazing asset to the game.  She was instrumental in the success of the women's game, both in league and travel teams. She helped develop the league TVWLL and raise the level of skill to what it is today. 

Bob Durland:It was Bob who did so many free clinics, teaching and traveling to help put together the Men's Officiating Association we know today He not only helped in the officiating venue, but in every other way imaginable at the beginning of lacrosse here in Idaho. High School official for Idaho for Many years, college official as well. A great mentor for young officials 

Kristy Sligar:Helped bring in and develop coaching for the first girls HS teams. Became a ref and helped grow the ref pool as well as challenges herself to be the highest rated ref in Idaho. Helped establish and grow the ILA into the overseeing body that helps support lacrosse in the Valley.  No one has done more for Womens lacrosse in Idaho ever, she leads the ILA, the Womens Officials association, and is been the driver of womens lacrosse in Idaho for over 5 years 

2013 Inductees

In 2013 we honored Jim Elliot, Stan Swanson and Peter Anderson

Jim Elliot:Son Matt, played at Boise High – he was an Airline pilot for American Airlines (former military pilot), so when he was in town, he would come to practice to help out wherever.  Shagged balls, moved goals, picked up cones, you name it.  He then became the commissioner of the TVLL for two years, and then became an official as that is where we needed help the most.  He is currently a board member of the Idaho Lacrosse Officials Association.

Stan Swanson:Lt. Stanley R. Swanson of U.S. Air Force, former Navy star, was named outstanding college lacrosse defense player for 1954 and winner of William G. Schmeisser Trophy by U.S. Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association. In Boise, he coached the Eagle Boys team, was an ILA board member, played Summer League, was the TVLL president, ran summer clinics, and pretty much volunteered to do anything to include lining fields for McCall, Lining field for I dare you dad, running coaching clinics, you name it.

Peter Anderson: Peter started the BSU team (which included women at the time), the High School League and the youth league, brought people familiar with the women’s game into the group and founded the Idaho Lacrosse Association.  Peter helped organize the first YMCA clinic done in Idaho, help get the US Lacrosse charter for Idaho.  Peter ran the original league for several years, has coached, reffed and has returned to coaching recently as his own son has grown old enough to play.